10/07/2017 - Comments Off on Street Level: June

Street Level: June

June was a hot one in the city. Humidity was up and the light was bright which made for some interesting shots. See below for a selection of my favourites from June.



I find this first composition interesting as there's a hierarchy off focus. If you pull out there is quite a lot of space around the main subjects that shows a lot of activity. Next level is the subject themselves who have emotive expressions and natural body language, then the third level is their focus. The phones.



Looking back

Photographs can be very powerful when the subjects look directly at the lens and sometimes, due to the speed of the composition and the taking of the shot, it's very easy to miss that at the moment it's taken.

In this example I believe it elevates this composition above what could have been a more normal street shot to one that adds an extra element of drama.





These shots are my favourite type of capture. Life is taking place right in many ways. People are living their lives and following their own agendas. It's the man in the centre frame that really takes it for me as you don't need to see his face to understand what he's feeling.


Back to Back

The centre frame of this shot literally cuts it in two both literally and conceptually. The two different looks, lifestyles, and directions create a split in the composition except for a small overlap between the backpack and the woman.


This is just a small selection of my photographs. If you want to see more then come over to Instagram where I post multiple times a day. I am also making some of my photographs available to buy so check out my Picfair profile for more details.

See you next time, and keep shooting.

05/06/2017 - Comments Off on Street Level: May

Street Level: May

May was a mixed bag of emotion. With the weather turning for the better, it was a perfect excuse to get out and about, however I found certain outings very difficult to get into the flow. It can't all be success stories, but it's all about taking the rough with the smooth and ploughing on through.

Nothing like a mixed metaphor. Anyway, here are my pic of the bunch.

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10/05/2017 - Comments Off on Street Level: April

Street Level: April

April's shooting was somewhat limited due to other commitments. That said, there are still a few photographs that I feel make an impact on an overall fairly low yield.

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13/03/2017 - Comments Off on Current Jams 16: Recommended Music

Current Jams 16: Recommended Music

In the last month I've been uncovering some really interesting electronic tracks through Spotify's music discovery playlists. You can listen to some of them in this post and subscribe to the Current Jams playlist for more highlighted tracks from previous posts.

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11/03/2017 - Comments Off on Development Diary: Stuck in the mud

Development Diary: Stuck in the mud

Programming is hard. Well at least for me. I’m two months into my Swift 3 journey and the spike in difficulty is substantial, and I’m starting to believe that the way my brain is wired means I will have to put in more effort than most. That’s not going to put me off, it just makes me more determined.

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09/03/2017 - Comments Off on Street Level: February

Street Level: February

February was a difficult month to get out on the street for various reasons that I won't bore you with. However, this meant I had to bee more choosy when it came to shot selection. Overall I feel the standard dropped this month, but any photographer will tell you, don't let it stop you and just keep on shooting.

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