Hi. I'm Matt Niblock. A London-based, multi-disciplined graphic designer with a passion for technology, photography, and popular culture.

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Using a strong foundation and versatile skillset, I specialise in solving complex design challenges for high-profile brands such as Google, British Gas and Jaguar Land Rover. These challenges span a wide variety of media from branding, direct mail, and exhibition stands to UI/UX and web design.


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Street Level: June - June was a hot one in the city. Humidity was up and the light was bright which made for some interesting shots. See below for a selection of my favourites from June.   Sharing I find this first composition interesting as there's a hierarchy off focus. If you pull out there is quite a lot […]
Street Level: May - May was hot. Shooting was tough. Check out some of my results.
Fascination Journal: Breath of the Accounting Designer - A few of my picks from around the web and the world.