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Bookends. They serve a useful function. Their job is to maintain order in an otherwise chaotic line of tales that have played out or remain untold.

The first bookend is the easiest to place. It has no pressure. No claims or promises pushing back into its personal space. It stands proud, ready to provide a foundation against which ideas can lean, and as time passes the pressure builds and the job of keeping the narrative in one piece becomes tiresome. Finally, when the shelf nears capacity, we fumble around for the other bookend, hoping it provides strength in equal measure to counteract the pressure and stabilise the storyline.

It's only then, when we're ready to expand and continue our collection, that we build a new shelf and place a fresh bookend ready to support a new narrative and direction.

Twenty-eighteen has seen one bookend close and another one open, and for once, I’m looking forward to seeing where the narrative leads.


Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash