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Plume is a content-focussed iOS app for the Steemit blockchain social network.


Steemit is a blockchain-based social media network still in beta status, but with any technology in its infancy, it can take a while for certain features to become available. In this case there is currently no official iOS app.

A benefit of blockchain technology is the freedom for anyone to build on top of it, so I decided to design an app that focussed on simplicity and content creation in the hope that a developer on the platform picks it up.

For a look into the process before the design, you can see a blog post about it here.

plume cards@2x.png

Cards are a good way of presenting data as they clearly define individual entries by forming boundaries to contain specific information. They are also easily applicable to different types of data while maintaining a common design language across all areas of the app. Post thumbnails, comments, keys and notifications can all follow the same visual style while adapting to the different requirements of the specific data sets. 


Making interactions common across the user experience is important for education and familiarity. With Plume, all interactions share a similar design language to allow the user to interpret buttons, tags, and dropdown menus in a similar fashion.


Plume is focussed on posting. It’s the central button on the tabbed navigation and allows easy access to formatting functions. Steemit is nothing without quality content and the main focus of this app is creation, distribution, and consumption of that content.

A big part of an online community is interaction with others and a good way of keeping track is through notifications. With the presence of bots on the Steemit platform, notifications can become unruly so Plume deals with them in a discreet way.


Content is king but every user likes to check their wallet once in a while. Plume displays all wallet information in a dashboard fashion with a focus on Steam Power and equivalent estimated dollar value. Whether or not you’re driven by financial gain, clarity around the currency is an important aspect of Plume.

port-img-04 plume-app@2x.jpg

Plume is an attempt to create a simple, beautiful app experience for the Steemit platform with a focus on users and content. Ease of use was a primary focus with Plume as a frictionless user experience helps to facilitate the main purpose of any app, and with any product it’s worth having a video to help show the product in action.