Street Level: May

Street Level: May

May was a mixed bag of emotion. With the weather turning for the better, it was a perfect excuse to get out and about, however I found certain outings very difficult to get into the flow. It can’t all be success stories, but it’s all about taking the rough with the smooth and ploughing on through.

Nothing like a mixed metaphor. Anyway, here are my pic of the bunch.


Part of the reason for my mixed experience this month is my attack of low confidence on the street. I have suddenly become a bit self-aware when taking photographs and have been lacking in bravery in capturing people’s emotions straight on. This was a rare occasion in the last month where I forced myself to capture the subject front-on and in plain sight. I’m glad I did.




This shot was an experiment in layers. I like the different dynamic poses at different depths, right down to my reflection point back at the viewer.



Morning Vape

Vaping is really intriguing to me, especially when the vaper uses one of the devices that emit a huge output. In my determination to capture a memorable image of a vaper in action, I came across this shot. What I find interesting is the focal point. It’s actually past the subject, giving an interesting softness to the man in the centre frame. I really like this effect and maybe something to work on in the future.




It never surprises me the types of items left around the city. Although this is nothing unusual per se, it’s more about the pristine freshness of the apple that I found different. This was not placed by me, it was merely captured as a residual item left by some hungry forgetful soul.





The concrete jungle that exists in parts of London actually serve as great, muted, textured backdrops for subjects. The fairly equalised grey can make any contrasting element pop into show, and that’s what draws me to this. A man, clearly on his own, facing a wall and seeking refuge for his private electronic conversation.




The underground system affords all sorts of different opportunities when compared to roaming free a few dozen metres up. It’s my intention to take advantage of more of situations, making the most of the ambient lighting, closed corridors and interesting framing.





In previous posts I have mentioned the fondness of high-contrast black and white imagery that plays with shadow and sunlight. This is one of my favourites from the month.




Looking back

Although this photograph isn’t one of my strongest, it highlights another point of street photography that I’d like to explore more of. The interaction with advertising in the environment. When done right, this can work with powerful results. In this instance it’s ok, but my intention is to improve in this area.





My final image from May is this exploration of composition between light and dark, positive imagery and reflections. I think this is a good example of a multi-layered dynamic image playing with a variety of textures and surfaces.


This is just a small selection of my photographs. If you want to see more then come over to Instagram where I post multiple times a day. I am also making some of my photographs available to buy so check out my Picfair profile for more details.

See you next time, and keep shooting.



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