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Street Level: April

April's shooting was somewhat limited due to other commitments. That said, there are still a few photographs that I feel make an impact on an overall fairly low yield.


Street Level: April

Performance Preparation

China Town is one of my favourite areas of London for people watching. The footfall alone drives a variety of people into a small area, from performers to pedestrians. This offers up many opportunities to photograph city life.


What I like about this shot is that it captures the transition between everyday civilian and fully made up street performer. It peels back a layer of the city jus below the facade.



Street Level: April


Look close and you'll be able to see small snippets of time passing by. Here, the energy drink offers many angles. Did the consumer have so much energy they had to dump the can and run off? Was the sweetness to much? Does the streak that's created by the passing of time represent something more interesting? The decoloured liquid certainly has a blood-like quality that push the idea of addiction in relation to time. Finding stories in single everyday moments is what makes photography so interesting.



Street Level: April


The movement, the colour, the expression, the light and the shadow all contribute to this being one of my favourite shots of this month. It's a typical representation of a common event, lifted by the dynamic range and grading.



Street Level: April

Meat bags

Luck played a big part in capturing this image. The anonymity of the subject makes it all the more intriguing as the only relatable elements are the ones that are so out of place; the raw meat.



Street Level: April


The last pick of the month is my favourite. Using the shadow to crop most of the subject's face gives the photograph some mystery, whereas the polka dot shirt offers up a striking contrast and personality to an otherwise sombre image.


This is just a small selection of my photographs. If you want to see more then come over to Instagram where I post multiple times a day. I am also making some of my photographs available to buy so check out my Picfair profile for more details.

See you next time, and keep shooting.

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